System Robotics Laboratory
Department of Robotics
Tohoku University
Aoba 6-6-01, Aramaki, Sendai 980-8579, JAPAN


Tel & Fax

Telephone and Fax number are same.


E-Mail Address

Please send to us About visiting laboratory and so on.


Access to our Lab.

Our laboratory is located in Aobayama campus of Tohoku University. Aobayama campus is located at the top of the Aobayama mountain (200m elv.). Subway transportation is available from Tozai Line at Sendai Station. The “Aobayama” station is convenient to visit System Robotics Laboratory.


  • By Subway

Trains leaves the Sendai Station (Tozai Line) every 10 minutes for the 15-minutes trip to the “Aobayama” station in front of the Graduate School of Information Science. The fare from the station to the “Aobayama“ station is 250 yen (as of 2016). After that, please take the “Aobayama Shuttle Bus” to School of Eng. East

“Sendai” → “Aobayama”
Fare: 250 yen
Transit Time: About 15 minutes


  • By TAXI

You may take a taxi to the School of Engineering from Sendai Airport or Sendai Station. Fares are about 6,000 yen from Sendai Airport and 1,600 yen from Sendai Station. Taxi can be found at the taxi stands in front of Sendai Airport or Sendai Station.

      • From Sendai Airpot

Fare: 6000 yen
Transit Time: About 50 minutes

      • From Sendai Station

Fare: 1600 yen
Transit time: About 20 minutes



Google Map

Detail of location of our laboratory is shown at this page ( School of Engineering. Tohoku University ).
Our laboratory is in the building A|15 ( named “Kyodoto” ) located in the area A01 (named “Kikai-Chino-Kei”).